Exenta ― as your strategic HR partner

In a growing Organization, automation of the processes which are otherwise time-consuming helps the organization reduce cost by automating repetitive tasks which in turn gives a lot of time for the HR Staff who can work on Strategic HR. HR management professionals can collect, create and update data and make different workflows available to different users, depending on their positions and jobs. This can help to make companies much more efficient, rules-driven and streamlined. Another area that can be greatly streamlined with HR automation is a company’s communication system. When HR management automates how it handles alerts, it can help personnel to understand which alerts are truly important so that they can be escalated to the appropriate personnel. HR automation allows people to manage their businesses by exception so that they can easily spot and deal with deviations from the business’ norm. With HR automation companies begin to see improvements in profit and productivity almost immediately and this helps them improve the bottom-line and employee Motivation.

Exenta HRMS automates your HR processes

Exenta HRMS – Mid Size business
  • Employee Onboarding – Send confidentiality agreements and other forms to new hires.
  • Employee Records management – Retain and retrieve current and past employee records.
  • Tax forms – Facilitate the distribution of Form 16 and other tax documents with employees.
  • Attendance & Leave – Auto leave accruals,encashment,approvals and Leave Summarization.
  • Exit – Employee separation and absconding employees with automated Settlement.
  • Transactions – Manage Employee Movement, Service Records, Probations and Promotions.
  • Benefits – Track when employees become eligible for benefits enrollment.



The first impact you make on a new hire is going to leave an everlasting impression. That is why it is often said that, “First impression is the best impression.” Exenta’s Onboarding Management helps to combat this anxiety.Read More


The Staff information system allows you to view and maintain your employee information right from past experiences, current official data including biographical information of your employees. Read More


Exenta’s Help Desk assists employees to communicate on various issues with features including setup of priority of request, re-opening or closing options for each ticket and automated escalations with notification via email.Read More


Decision making with Exenta becomes easier with a wide range of Analytics and Dashboards providing information and trends at your fingertips which helps you refine your Strategic thinking and Decision making. Read More


Exit Management automates the employee separation process – from confirming an employee’s resignation, scheduling meetings with managers, deciding on retention or off boarding, and providing exit clearances.Read More


Exenta’s Time and Attendance is a single system that integrates these two critical parameters, with automated leave balances, maintaining different work schedules and leave encashment.Read More


Exenta’s Benefits Management relates to a wide range of employee benefits including Insurance, LTA, Food
Coupons and Passes and helps employees to utilize them effectively.Read More


Exenta’s Performance Management is a complete solution for your performance appraisal needs. It replaces frustrating and time-consuming manual processes with easy online processes seamlessly.Read More


Country/Region specific regulations and legal frameworks, statutory compliances, time and attendance data, collective labour agreements, social security regulations, pensions and government reporting. Read More


Exenta’s Transaction Management relates to a wide range of internal changes such as job rotation, location shift, deputation, etc. and keeps an effective record of all transitions occurring within the organization. Read More


Exenta’s has all the general utility tools needed by a HR Manager right from Employee Grievances, memos, Disciplinary Action etc. It also manages adhoc News, Announcements, Surveys and polls. Read More